Cowboy Jack’s Rewards Card FAQ

Will I use my same Rewards Card?
You can toss it! No need to carry any additional plastic in your pocket/purse. Your account will all be listed under your phone number.

If your card is NOT currently registered— do this soon. Cards will become invalid in the near future and we don’t want you to lose your hard earned points. There is no way for us to look up your points if you are not registered.

Will my old points transfer?
Absolutely! You worked hard for those points and earned them! Upon going into our newly updated app you will be asked to enter your username and password. Once you do that it will prompt you to set up your phone number. From then on out, your card is not needed and your phone number becomes your rewards card number.

If I am new to the Rewards program, how do I sign up?
Welcome! Let’s start earning you some Cowboy Jack’s Cash! Just download our app and open it. It will walk you through the rest.

What are my points good for?
Your points will be good for anything at Cowboy Jack’s. Food, Drinks, Apparel, BBQ Sauce. Once you hit 2500 points you will get $5 added to your account. You can use that $5 on your next visit or save/bank it up!

Points will no longer be redeemable on our E-commerce website, and instead will all be done right in the restaurant for your convenience!

Should you run into any issues or have any questions, we are always here to help!

You can reach us by email– be sure to send us your login email when you reach out:

Join our rewards program. It’s easy to sign up.

All you have to do is:
1. Download the Cowboy Jack’s App
2. Complete the information needed and start earning points!

Use your points towards gift cards, apparel, and more!